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Kenyan Kids Foundation

Kenyan Kids Foundation

Wesley Korir is an accomplished runner, two-time winner of the LA Marathon, and a graduate of the University of Louisville. His numerous accomplishments, running and in the classroom, might not have been possible had he not had the support of his family and his community in his home country of Kenya. His step towards the marathon goal of ending poverty is to give back to them and many more by providing previously unavailable medical services to the Rift Valley region.

Listen to Wesley Korir's testimony: CLICK HERE (mp3)
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Wesley Korir grew up in the small village of Kitale in Central Kenya’s Rift Valley. He is one of eight children, all of whom ran more than five miles - each way - to their nearest school. At a young age, Wesley lost his younger brother to a snakebite. For many of us snakebites are serious, but not lethal. However, the medical treatment that we take for granted in the U.S. was inaccessible for Wesley’s family which could not reach the nearest hospital in time to save his brother’s life.

Beau & WesleyFifteen years later, Wesley is taking his step to give back to his home village and others nearby by building a hospital to protect families from the loss his own family experienced. The project’s goal is to complete a mission hospital where those who have medical knowledge and a calling to serve can improve the lives of thousands. The hospital will provide patients with medication and low cost treatments to improve formerly unavailable health care services in the Rift Valley.

 The Hall Steps Foundation has partnered with Wesley to complete construction of this Hospital by committing 13.1 thousand dollars from the 26.2 Challenge Fund to the project. Please join Steps and Wesley as we take our step towards the marathon goal of ending poverty.

Wesley, his wife Tarah and The Kenyan Kids Foundation have partnered with The Believers Church to see great change in Kenya!  Visit and support The Kenyan Kids Foundation

Kenyan Kids FoundationEducation:

The Kenyan Kids Foundation is currently financing high school education for seven students attending schools near Kitale, Kenya. Our goal as a foundation is to continue to support these students throughout their high school education and we hope to add more students. We are also paying for one student to attend pharmacy school in Eldoret.

The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, social justice, and it's our job as christians to find a need and meet it. Proverbs 19:17 says "He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done." 

Kenyan Kids FoundationHealthcare:

We are currently raising funds to help finish a hospital in Wesley’s village which was not completed due to a lack of funds. We hope to one day make this a mission hospital where people can receive treatment and learn more about God.


In the future we also hope to help some poor families become more self-sufficient by providing them with the financial means to grow their own crops.


The Kenyan Kids Foundation and The Hall steps foundation are partnering together to build a hospital in Kenya and educate the poor and we are partnering with them! We ask that you visit their site and read for yourself the great things that they are doing for the kingdom of God. We will be raising money and putting other programs in place at our local church for you to to get involved in! The global mission of ending poverty and spreading the love of Christ is large and we need your help. We ask you to prayerfully consider becoming apart of our growing missions programs around the world. We need doctors, nurses, carpenters, and ministers in Kenya and other nations. Whatever your skill is, God can and will use it, just be willing. 

Visit and support The Kenyan Kids Foundation

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Kenyan Kids FoundationKenyan Kids FoundationKenyan Kids Foundation