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BSSM – School of Supernatural Ministry

We are in the midst of the greatest revival in human history! We should be a generation that moves and lives through Christ as He promised we could. If there was ever a time to rise up in power and in truth it is now!

BSSM is more than a school, it’s a Holy Spirit journey into the realm of the impossible, a heavenly adventure where no one dares to travel without God. BSSM is a haven of love, you will learn how to minister with power and walk in signs and wonders. If revival is your passion come join us! The Gospel must go forth with power for massive world-wide revival!

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At Believers School of Supernatural Ministry, every student will learn to prophesy, heal the sick, lead others, know the Bible and key truths of Christianity. Our style is “do and teach”, you will be ministering on a regular basis.

BSSM – School of Supernatural Ministry