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Welcome to the Believers Missions page. This resource page was established to support missions that have partnered with the Believers church, on the principals and direction of missionaries who serve in developing countries. Missionaries who have given their lives to serve and help the poor, uneducated and those who lack hope for a better life. 

MissionsOur goal is to supply these dedicated men and women the necessary resources to achieve their goals above and beyond their expectations and enable those less fortunate in the world to begin a new frontier of hope.  Our current programs create opportunities for children and young adults through education to become productive, innovative and self-sustaining faith driven adults in their communities and villages. They become beacons of light and hope for the world around them now and into the future. Believers church and the missions below, helps all people in great need throughout the world.

Our current missionary partnerships are: 

*  Kenyan Kids Foundation: more info about Kenyan Kids Foundation

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