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The Myth Of The Dying Church - Part Two

August 4, 2019 - Pastor Jaron Hollis

Message Notes

Recap From Last Week

Church attendance in America is at an all-time high at 69% right now! In fact, it’s growing faster than it ever has. 

The only churches that are dying are Liberal churches. They believe things such as: 

  • Jesus had GREAT ideas, but he was just a man. 
  • Jesus was not resurrected. 
  • And especially Miracles didn’t happen back then… and they definitely don’t happen now.

Kids These Days

Parents, the single most important thing that will help your kids carry on their faith is… YOU.

It's Up To The Parents! But How?

Is following Jesus a RULE in your home, or is it a RELATIONSHIP that they are watching you live out?

Below are a list of 9 things YOU can do to help your kids encounter God in a REAL way.

So What's The Good News? You're Not Alone

Modern Day Miracles

Professor Candy Gunther Brown heard about an outbreak of miracles that were happening in Mozambique. She was curious about the legitimacy so she obtained a 150k grant and took a team of scientists and researchers to Mozambique to determine whether these miracles were real. They went to remote villages and requested that anyone who was blind or deaf to be brought to their research study so that they could test them scientifically.

  • They would test them to verify their levels of seeing and hearing. 
  • Once the individual was confirmed deaf or blind, they would be turned over to Christians with a track record of being used in miraculous ways.
  • Those Christians would then begin to pray in the name of Jesus for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.
  • Immediately after praying, The deaf or blind individuals would be tested. “How is your hearing now? How is your vision now?”
  • The result was this: Virtually every person who received prayer improved to one degree or another. Often astoundingly so.

One man by the name of Justin was classified as “profoundly deaf”. Dr. Brown said, “if you were to use a jackhammer or chainsaw right next to Justin, he would not be able to hear it”. After 10 minutes of prayer in the name of Jesus, the scientists tested Justin and were blown away. Justin could hear normal conversation immediately!